About Me


My name is Sofia, 22 years old, paleo for 2 years, fresh out of the college box, love nutrition (duh), love Cross Fit (duh), running, reading.. Actually surprisingly unoriginal.. Oh no, wait, I’m awesome.

And ready to pollute the internet with recipes and other things the world just doesn’t need right now ;) although I think there just might be some space, a little place in a faraway corner of blogosphere-land, just for me, where I’ll be cooking up craziness, come and visit. No, but seriously,  I’ve created this blog to be able to ramble on about the Paleo Lifestyle I love so much, something that, at times, drives the pasta-loving people around me crazy! Anyone who has been paleo for a while will understand my woes. If, however, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about (for shame! ;) ), please check out the “About Paleo” page.


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