About Paleo

Soooo, what is this “Paleo” thing exactly?

I am by no means a scientist, but here goes, basically, the Paleo (from paleolithicum) lifestyle goes from the principle that throughout evolution our bodies haven’t been catching up as fast as society did, they’ve been functioning pretty much exactly the same for the past 2 million years. Aaall the way from Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens Sapiens our bodies have thrived on the foods they were genetically predisposed to eat, or, a Hunther-Gatherer diet, meaning: meats/fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts and seeds. Easy.

But then, something happened in Magic Mammoth Land. Agriculture happened. Starting ca.10000-5000 years ago (depending on the geographic region) mankind discovered an easy source of calories which permitted him to stay in one place and grow his own food instead of chase it. On one hand it created the opportunity for civilization, obviously, that one is a perk, on the other hand, however, it has never been the optimal formula for our health… It’s kind of like making a lion subside on tofu or a cow on offal (or any other weird combination). Will the animal die instantly? Probably not. Will it be healthy for the animal? Definitely not. Now, 10000-5000 years is an awfully tiny chunk of the 2 million years timespan the Homo Genus has been around, you can shout “Whole grains are healthy!” however many times you want, evolution just doesn’t go that fast sugar.

Obviously the Paleo Diet is within a modern context, I’m just illustrating where this all comes from, and the following illustrations illustrate what you do eat on a Paleo Diet. (Allright, I’m going to make this a lot easier, an image says more than a thousand words am I right? Drumrollllll, the Paleo Diet in charts! (on a sidenote, I found these images on the internet over time, whoever made them, my eternal gratitude))

What you should eat! Clean&Simple!


Paleo Nutrition..


Why Fat is GOOOD! And (too much) Carbs BAAAAD!


For the scientific mumble-jumble on the whole wholegrain/evolution/gluten/Conventional Wisdom flaws/.. etc. I’m going to refer you to far wiser people/websites than myself but for the occasional sceptic out there, allow me to trigger your curiosity with the following examples. We have been walking around on two legs for quite some time now, right? Yet, humans seem to be genetically predisposed to feet/knee/lower back problems, sadly this just is a result of not being fully adapted to walking erect. We have also been naked apes for quite some time now, right? What the hell do we still need goosebumps for? Our skin just doesn’t seem to deal with the fact that we’ve lost our cute fur a looong time ago. It needs therapy. Aight, so, you get my point right? I’m trying to present it as simple and visual as possible, but now for the REAL PALEO DEAL!

check these out if you want to know everything (I know I did) about this weird stuff I’ve been trying to sell you on and see for yourself if Conventional Wisdom is dead wrong or not. If after going through all that you’re still just not buying it (not gonna happen but whatever) I still hope you’ll enjoy my recipes, something there for everyone.






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